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“I was reluctant to hand over control of D’Lite’s online reputation management, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so. Our content has improved dramatically, customer inquires are responded to immediately, and of course more customers are coming in the door. I would definitely recommend Boomerang Digital.”- Ajay A.
“Healing Hearts Pediatrics has seen an evident increase in profits, as well as customer interaction and satisfaction as a result from working with Boomerang Digital. We would strongly recommend their service to anyone!”- Nilima M.
They made a great website for us. It is a pleasure dealing with the team as they are full of ideas and are very passionate and dedicated to their work. - Parul Sharma, Eduvisamaster
Boomerang Digital is handling our Social Media Marketing for the last five years. It is amazing how from no online presence they have slowly and steadily developed a great presence of our brand online. It is a pleasure having them as our digital marketing partners. - Utturkars Wood Culture
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Boomerang Digital is your go-to, all inclusive agency for advertising, SEO, social media, blog management, content creation, reputation management, and website development. Not only do we have the skills needed to exceed your expectations, but we also have decades of experience in the industry. Our diverse client portfolio gives us the knowledge to increase visibility and revenue for any business.

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